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What is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

If you experience shooting pain in your arms or shoulders or numbness and tingling in your fingers, you may have thoracic outlet syndrome. This condition strikes millions of people and is mainly characterized by chronic pain in the upper limbs. The thoracic outlet is the area on either side of your torso between your clavicles […]

Why Cracking Your Own Neck May Be Addictive

If you suffer from neck stiffness or pain, you may find passing relief from cracking your own neck. Some patients achieve a crack by using their hands to forcibly turn their heads or by simply clenching their neck muscles and rotating their heads. Either way, this is a dangerous practice that can be habit-forming. Crepitus […]

What is the Rotator Cuff and How Can You Injure It?

Shoulder pain is no joke. It can be frustrating and seriously restrict your mobility. Many times shoulder pain is the result of a rotator cuff injury. So what is the rotator cuff and what sorts of activities are likely to cause injury? Here is more information.   Shoulder Anatomy Your shoulder joints are made up […]

Weight Lifting: Pros and Cons

While weight lifting has always been popular among segments of the population, this pursuit has grown with the arrival of the internet and websites and forums dedicated to connecting weightlifters. Now, you can easily find advice on technique, nutrition, and other information to safely build muscle mass while avoiding injury. Still, there are many people […]

4 Foot Problems That Can Be Helped by Orthotics

Your feet literally support you throughout the day, so healthy feet are important. But like any other part of your body, your feet can suffer from painful conditions. These problems may reduce your mobility or even keep you off your feet altogether. Fortunately, many common foot problems can be addressed with orthotics, the application of […]

You May Be Sitting Wrong

Back pain is often brought on by movement, but sitting can also contribute to back discomfort. Even though we sit more than ever these days with office work and computers, the problem is not so much how often you sit but the way in which you sit. How difficult can sitting be? You just put […]

Chiropractic Care for Dancers

Dancers are typically very healthy individuals, and dancing is certainly an excellent form of exercise. Unfortunately, dancing can also place a lot of stress on the body. To treat injuries, avoid injuries, and stay in top form, dancers of all varieties should consider regular chiropractic care. Growing Bodies For many dancers, especially professional dancers, dancing […]

Does Stretching Before Exercise Help?

Chiropractic medicine is focused on healthy lifestyles, pain relief, excellent mobility, and injury prevention. Naturally, exercise is a crucial part of good health. But exercise also presents opportunities for injuries – injuries that could leave you in pain or unable to be active while you recover. Common knowledge states that you should stretch before exercising […]

The Spine: A Brief Anatomy Lesson

Humans are funny creatures. Unlike most animals, we walk upright, but we have no tails for balance. We are capable of incredible athletic feats, but we are still frequently subject to back pain and other spinal issues. The explanation for these phenomena largely lies in the structure of our spines. Take a look at these […]

Chiropractic Treatment for Your Feet

It’s funny that many of us neglect our feet. After all, we depend on them constantly. Our feet support our body weight and absorb the impact from walking, running, and other activities. Still, the majority of us only pay attention to our feet’s health when a problem arises. You should seek treatment at the first […]

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